Navigating Chronic Pain Every Day

What health professionals need to understand to help clients and/or loved ones living with this silent, often stigmatised condition

Are you a health professional working with patients living with chronic pain?

Chronic pain is a sensitive subject and your clients and loved ones who live with it every day may feel exhausted, unheard and experience a sense of desperation

What if you could help make a positive difference in their lives?

"Finally, a raw, authentic book that shares the real challenges of living with chronic pain. Dawn’s insights into how her life was challenged, how stigma and guilt became all-consuming, and how she has turned it round to help both professionals and those living with chronic pain to identify what they need from family, friends and health professionals, makes this book the bible for everyone who knows or works with people living with chronic pain."

– Jan Sky, Neuropsychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and developer of ESI Mapping

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Be the best healthcare professional you can be!

This self-paced online course will give you the tools you need to provide your chronic pain patients and loved ones with the skills to manage their own pain and live a life less impacted by their pain.

"Thrive and survive with this wonderful chronic pain chronicle; smile in recognition and cry with this book but most of all learn about chronic pain and the way out of suffering. This book is a clear window into chronic pain and the image is sharp. Take this surprising voyage of chronic pain; into your work in the clinic or into your life as a patient."

– Elizabeth Carrigan, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Pain Management Association Limited (APMA)

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  • Additional resources

  • A paperback copy of "Living with Chronic Pain" by Dr Dawn Macintyre

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